Breyerfest 2002

Auction for Gypsy King model & Gypsy Vanner Horse merchandise These pictures show two auctions held in honor of Cindy and the Gold~en Gelding fund, shortly after Cindy passed away.  When Breyer, maker of model horses and a model of the Gypsy King (like the one shown), found out about Cindy and the Gold~en Geldings, they organized two special auctions. 

The first, a Gypsy King model was signed by Dennis "In loving memory of Cindy" and auctioned with other special items.


The second was the special model "Gold~en Gelding" which was created especially for this event by Breyer.  All proceeds for both of these auctions went to support the Gold~en Geldings.

More events are being planned for the Golden Geldings, including a possible return to Breyerfest 2003.

Gypsy King BF special Golden Gelding model