Glory, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare Glory, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

Registration #: GV00271F
Imported in: 2003
of Birth: April 13, 1997
Color DNA - heterozygous black
# of foals born.: 4
Sire: The Franny Stallion (UK)
Dam: Morning (UK)
Extended Pedigree

Gallery of Glory:

Glory, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare 
yearling Gaelic & Glory

Glory's foals:

Gaelic Hope, 2004 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare  Gaelic Patriot, 2005 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  Gaelic's First Dance, 2007 Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding 
2004 mare Gaelic Hope
by Valour
pictured at
3 years
2005 colt Gaelic Patriot
by Latcho Drom
pictured at 9 months
2007 colt Gaelic's First Dance
by Gaelic Patriot
pictured at 2 years
Dunrovin St. Michael, 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse colt     
2008 colt Dunrovin St. Michael
by Gaelic Patriot
pictured as yearling