Horses are listed alphabetically by state (or country) and then farm to make things a little easier to find.


Heavenly Hooves Gypsy Horses
Helen's Vanners
Storm Gypsy Vanners - new!

       WCF Blue Skye
Lenny's Boy, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
      DJ Lenny's Horse

Desert Jewel Gypsies
Superstition Foothills Ranch


Autumn Ridge Ranch
Circle G Ranch
Freelands Gypsy Vanners

Minnie, Gypsy Vanner Horse mare, photo courtesy of Searcy Sports
   Oakfield Miss Minnie
Romipen, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion 


Alan's Vanners
Black Jack Gypsies
Boyles' Vanners
Cielo Celeste Farm
Desert Winds Gypsy Vanners
Dunrovin Gypsy Vanners
Gaelic Farm
Gold Rush Gypsy Vanners
Gypsy Canyon Ranch
Gypsy Feathers Ranch
Gypsy Rose Ranch
Harlequin Farm

Hippotherapy Inc.
Hot Rods & Gypsy Vanners

Marilyn O.'s Vanners
Marylin R.'s Vanners
Morris' Vanners
Nicole Curry Pleasure Horses

RJ Farms
Rock Ranch

Shasta H Ranch

Sonnet Gypsy Ranch
Spyglass Farm
Wildest Dream Gypsies


Gypsyland Farm
Superior Stables

The Hustler, 2001 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
          The Hustler
Windermere, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Gypsy Woods Windermere


Gypsy Woods Farm



Reece Gypsy Magic

The Gypsy King, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
       The Gypsy King

Florida A-H

Aurora Acres
Allison's Vanners
Ancient Oaks Farm - new!
Angie's Vanners
Appleby Vanner Farm
Big Sexy Stables
Bit N Heaven Gypsy Vanners
Blackwatch Stables
Brisben Vanners
Carol's Vanners
Carousel Fantasy Farm - new
Coleman's Vanners
Equitransfer Reproduction
Grey Ghost Gypsy Vanners - new!
Gypsy Grand Vanner - new!
Gypsy Cara Vanners
Gypsy Gold Farm

Gypsy Magic Ranch
HH Gypsy Vanners
Hidden Creek Farm


Florida I-P

Inver Hill Farm

Jody's Vanners
Papuza, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Kuchi, 1999 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

Florida R-W



Belle-Reid Farm
Big Pine Gypsy Vanners

Cosmopolitan Horse Farm
Excalibur Elite Equine
Flying Angel Farm
Haven Hills Theraputic Riding Center
Imperial Vanners
Lewis Mill Ranch - new!
Linda's Vanners 
Sajewinds Gypsy Vanners

Summerhill Vanners
Steadfast Farms
Thistlestone Farm - new!
TNT Gypsy Vanner
Yellow Creek Ranch
Kaeli, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Kaeli & BPF Latcho's Barrett
N'Co Mr Bikers Nighster, 2009 Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding
N'Co Mr Bikers Nightster


R&R Stables



Skycastle Farm
Terry's Vanners

Oisin, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding
 Vintage Vanner's Oisin
Romeo Royale, Gypsy Vanner Horse colt
Freeland's Romeo Royale


Sun-D Ranch



Day Dream Stables
Drogheda Gypsy Vanners
Mill Cave Farm - new!

Splendored Things
Shirecrest Equine Education Center

Imari, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Bandit driving in New Jersey

Unicorn Spirit Innerprizes



Noble Legends Gypsy Vanners

WCF RK Cruiser, 2005 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
      WCF RK Cruiser
Roamie, 1999 Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding


DiAnn's Vanner
Isabel's Vanner
Jacquie's Vanners
Linda's Vanners



Hope of Glory Farm

June's Vanners

MNM Stables
Run Gypsy Run
Serenity Farm Gypsy Horses

WillowWind Stable

Fionn mac Cumhaill, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
   Fionn mac Cumhaill
Bommarito, 2003 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Vintage Vanners Bommarito


Creek Side Gypsy Vanners

Excalibur Breeding Center
Gypsy Creek Farm - new!

Gypsy Hollow

Lake Ridge Gypsy Vanners
Maggie's Vanner
Trillium Farm
Vintage Vanners



Golden Branch Farm

Cushti Bok Lady, 1996 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare 
      Cushti Bok Lady
Timone, imported 2003 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
   Timone of Lion King


Chocolate Horse Farm
Dreamer's Farm

Gypsy Park
Heart of The Gypsy Ranch

Northern Lights Ranch
Riley's Painted Acres
The Mane Ranch - new!

Thorn Hill Gypsy Vanners



Big Sky Gypsy Vanners
Purcell Gypsy Vanners
Romani Mountain Ranch

Taliesin, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Chavi, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare


Gypsy Dream Makers


New Jersey

Blarney Stone Acres
Karen's Vanners

GG Godiva, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
      GG Lady Godiva
Rock Ranch Toy Boy, 2002 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
 Rock Ranch CS Toy Boy

Horses of Wisdom

Squirrelwood Gypsies


North Carolina

Dream Catcher Farm
Found Feather Farm
Luchi Farms
Mountain View Vanner Ranch
Stillwater Farm
Gypsies of Whip O Will
WR Ranch

SFG Summer Rose, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
       SFG Summer Rose
Mr. Biker Conners N'Co, 2001 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
 Mr. Biker Connor's N'Co


Coons' Vanners
Debby's Vanner
Guardian Spirit Gypsy Vanners
Hidden Valley Farm
KD Farm
Lucky Star Stables -
 Maple Hill Farm
Melinda's Vanners
N'Co Gypsy Vanners
The Pony Place
Wild Creek Farm



Epona Stables
Rod & Gun Club Stables -new!

Shiabhara, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Sylvester the Marquis, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
  Sylvester the Marquis 

Cedar Creek Gypsies

McLaughlin Creek Drafts
North Star Gypsy Vanners
Stout Wild Ranch
Viewcrest Farm



Dorothy's Gypsy Vanners
El Brio Vanner
Glenwood Stables
Granite Hill Gypsy Vanners
Gypsy Dream Farm
Jan's Vanners
Old Mill Farm
Sebastian Riding Associates
Stonebraker Farm
Thorncroft Therapeutic Riding

Charlie, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Bravios, Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding

South Carolina

Klondyke Farm


South Dakota

Whimsy Horses

Cushti Bok's Perfect Storm, 2004 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Cushti Bok's Perfect Storm
Silver Belle, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
          Silver Belle


Lexlin Ranch
Pegasus Place Gypsies
Rivendell Gypsies Farm
Silver Feather Gypsies


Diane's Vanners
Gowalty's Balley
Green's Vanners
Gypsy Lane
Gypsy MVP
Iron Horse Farm
Joe's Vanners
Kingshill Vanners
Magnolia Draft Horse Ranch
Terra Bella Stables

Dazzle Dance, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
        Dazzle Dance
Baker, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
    North Hollow Baker


Cobble Hill Stable



Griffin Sport Horses - new!

Legacy Gypsy Vanners
Lil Bit "O" Shackleford Farm
Mokete's Village
S3 Show Alliance

Sleepy Hollow Equestrian Center

GG L Divo, 2007 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
          GG L Divo
ER Gypsy, 2000 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
      Equirace Gypsy


Epona Moon Farm
GlennRainier Farm
Gypsy Vanner Ranch
Kalypso Bay Farm
Kim's Vanners
Orcas Island Gypsy Vanners
Painted Feathers Ranch
Suzanne's Vanners


West Virginia

Forrest Lane Gypsy Vanners
Phoenix Feather Farm

Kadison of Gypsy King, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
  Kadison of Gypsy King
Tansy, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
     Harkaway Tansy


Abel's Stardust Stables
AD Acre Ranch

Feathered Gold
Harkaway Farm
High Horse Gypsies
Kinder's Jackpot Gypsies




Blackberry Farms Gypsy Vanners

   Vanilla Sky & WR Pie

Firestorm, 2005 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion


Abbey Road Farm
Deer Field Stables
Gemstone Gypsy Vanners
Gypsy Cobs St. Tite new!
Gypsy Dreams
Kastle Rock Gypsy Farm new!
Mutt N Wood Farm
Mystical Meadows
Once Upon A Farm
Pine Valley Farm

Prairie Thunder Ranch
Red Bridge Ranch new!
Spruce Ridge Stables
Stone Gate Farm
Sunset Ridge Gypsy Vanners
The Gypsies of America new!
Vanner Manor




Stutteri Lillevang

Stutteri Tinker

  Holm's Picasso, 2001 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
      Holm's Picasso

Bellagio, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion




New Zealand


  GG Coco Chanel, 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
        GG Coco Chanel
Latcho's Fabio, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
       Latcho's Fabio

Vanners in Central America


Photos of Kaeli & Legacy (Big Pine Farm), Tinker Toy (WR Ranch), Stormy (Equusloco), The Gypsy King (Gypsy Gold), Bommar (Vintage Vanners), and Silver Belle (Silver Feather Gypsies) are copyright Mark J. Barrett 2005,


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