Gypsy Vanner Horse Stallions

available at stud for the 2018/2019 breeding season to registered Gypsy Vanner mares.


The Stallions of Gypsy Gold Farm


BB King VV King William  
BB King, 2002 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion VV King William 2007 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion


GG Versace, 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Drogheda's Wildfire, 2012 Gypsy Vanner Horse colt  
GG Versace Drogheda's Gold  



Freeland's Gypsy Vanners Freeland's Gypsy Vanners  


Proven son of Legend Boy
Prince Charming
Proven son of Sid's Good Stallion


Rock Ranch Rock Ranch Rock Ranch

Tom Boy, 1995 importe Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion

Rock Ranch Nelson
Proven grandson of The Old Horse of Wales
Rock Ranch Master
Proven solid son of Bob The Blagdon
Rock Ranch Tom Boy
Proven Lp (Appaloosa) stallion
Cielo Celeste Farm Cielo Celeste Farm Gold Rush Gypsy Vanners
Cici's Sir Keith, 2007 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Magnu, 2002 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
St. Clarins
Proven Hall of Fame Silver Dapple stallion
Sir Keith
Son of St. Clarins, carries black, red, cream and silver
Imported proven dressage trained stallion
Gypsy Feathers Ranch Gypsy Feathers Ranch  
Maximus, 2004 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Lion King's Wisdom, 2004 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  
Proven son of The Gypsy King

Imported DNA son of The Lion King
Shasta H Ranch Starfire Gypsy Starfire Gypsy
Starfire's The Five Card Stud, 2011 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  Taskin, 2005 imported Gypsy Vanner Hors stallion
Proven sire; son of The Midget Stallion
Five Card Stud
Son of Guthrie's Tumbler & Grandson of Lenny!
5* Rated stallion, Grand Champion stallion
Starfire Gypsy Starfire Gypsy  
Starfire's The Monarch, 2015 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Desert Jewel Viggo, 2009 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  
The Monarch
True Bay Dun Stallion!
5* Rated Stallion, Grand Champion Stallion



Cherry Creek Vanners    
GG Starbuck, 2005 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion    
5 star son of Latcho Drom out of multiple Grand Champion Mare Kuchi



Kincsem Farm Partner Up Shenandoah Gypsy Vanners
Mitt mac Cumhaill of Archer, 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  Golden Chancelot, 2004 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Mitt mac Cumhaill
Proven Son of Fionn mac Cumhaill & grandson of The Gypsy King
Golden Chancelot
 Proven son of the palomino stallion Flash of Gold
WR Young Latcho Lou
16 x Supreme Champion son of Latcho Drom


Belle Reid Farm Lewis Mill Farm  
The King's Good Friday, 2005 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  
Proven son of The Gypsy King
The Midget Horse
Grandson of The Old Horse of Wales, carries agouti and chestnut



Rumonek Acres Serenity Farm WillowWind Stable
  WHR Mr Sandman of Serenity, 2011 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
HSF Tatu
4* Versatility of Honor Stallion
WHR Mr. Sandman of Serenity
Proven quality son of Falcon
Silver Cremello 5* stallion



Lake Ridge Gypsy Vanners  Gypsy Dance Ranch  
British Sterling, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Sir Royal Excalibur, 2004 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  
Lake Ridge British Sterling
Homozygous well-proven stallion
Sir Royal Excalibur
Imported silver dapple son of The Boss


Big Sky Gypsy Vanners     
Taliesin, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion    
Homozygous taller proven stallion


KD Farm Wildcreek Farm  
Killian's Irish, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse colt    
Son of Villa Vanners Romeo; cream gene carrier



North Star Farm    
Sylvester the Marquis
2x Champion son of the awesome stallion Samson (UK)


Old Mill Farm    
Cobalt, 2003 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion    
2x Grand Champ extreme sabino son of Bob the Blagdon Horse




Spruce Ridge Stables Spruce Ridge Stables  Mystical Meadows
Firestorm, 2005 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion SD Touchdown, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion  Jelle Go Go, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion
Excellent producer; son of Tumbleweed
Quality Blue roan stallion
Jelle Go Go
imported stallion with unique bloodlines


Photographs of  BB King, King William, Starbuck, Mayacaymus, British Sterling, Deja Blue and Pearlie King are copyright Mark J. Barrett, 


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