Steptoe, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding  Steptoe, imported Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding 

Registration #: GV00079F
Imported from: William Collard/Oakfield Farm
Imported in:
Date of Birth: 1999
Color DNA - unknown
Sire: Foundation Stock

Dam: Foundation Stock

Steptoe was originally owned by a "rag & bone" man (junk man) who drove him around London. He was named after a character in the most successful British sitcom of all time, Steptoe & Son. Steptoe & Son was about a rag and bone man named Albert Steptoe and his son Harold. The later American version of this sitcom was Sanford & Son. 

Gallery of Steptoe:

Steptoe indoors Steptoe in Ohio  Steptoe driving
Steptoe in England Steptoe grazing in England  

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